I am not a plant person, but if there is one plant I’m going to have in my house it’s an Aloe Vera plant. They are immensely useful and quite funky to boot. Yup, thats my kind of plant.

These plants are insanely easy to care for  and make a wonderful addition to your home. They only need watering every one to two weeks and do well both indoors and outdoors.

Aloe Vera is most commonly known for treating minor burns and cuts, but it’s usefulness doesn’t stop there. It also helps relieve athlete’s foot and blisters, not to mention getting rid of nasty bruises.

And then there’s what it can do for your skin. Aloe treats and prevents pimples, and reverses aging. Allegedly, it even speeds up hair growth. Not to mention, taking a swig of this miracle juice calms the stomach, reduces heartburn, and when boiled can even reduce asthma symptoms. And trust me when I say I am only just skimming the surface.

You will definitely not regret purchasing one of these plants! I know I didn’t!



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