Battling To Become An Early Bird


I have been a self proclaimed night owl my entire life. Mornings and I have never gotten along. But recently I took a job where I had to leave my house at 7:30 am in the morning and I realized it was time to make a change.

It hasn’t been an easy battle, in fact recently I seem to teeter between getting up an hour or two early ( most inconveniently on my days off ) and sleeping in an hour late…always on the days I have to go to work.

I will admit when I started I did everything completely wrong. I tried to go from waking up at 10 am to trying to wake up at 5 am which was definitely not a smart move…when it comes to waking up earlier you really need to ease yourself into it.

The snooze button is my  worst enemy and my ultimate downfall! Some days I loose track of how many times I actually press it, and when I do somehow manage to open my eyes for more than the second it takes to press it, I find myself surfing aimlessly on zite or buzzfeed. All in all I waste up to an hour to an hour and a half just getting out of bed, and that’s just plain unacceptable!

I let excuses and procrastination get the best me. It is so easy to justify just sleeping in for five more minutes or just looking at one more post that I lost track of all the valuable time I could have been using if I had only just dragged myself out of bed.

Eventually it does get better: I am proud to say that I woke up at 7 am today and I wrote the last 1,500 words of my campnanowrimo challenge by 8:30 am. And productivity didn’t stop there: I went on a hike, did some illustrations, prepped some blog posts and  even ran some errands all before the afternoon was through. When you’re like me, and are driven to procrastination it’s easy to forget how  good it feels to accomplish all your tasks for the day with time to spare. However once you do it’s hard to give that feeling up!

Heres to waking up early!



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