Finding Your Bliss

I’ve had meditation preached to me, I’ve been told time and time again to learn how calm my mind…yet the harder I try the more rapidly ideas swirl and spin, pinging around my head until I’m afraid  its’s going to explode.

Surprisingly, I found my solace in driving. Something I had found annoying and time consuming most of my life. Turns out all I needed to do was move to a beautiful west coast rain forest. Each day as I commute to work I am in awe of the scenery and enthralled by the beautiful world around me. If I have learned anything since I have moved here is that you really need to love the place you live, because it completely changes your quality of life.

Each morning, I spend the last third of my commute walking. Not only do I get a healthy dose of vitamin D, I also get my heart pumping. Turns out there are a lot of hills in Victoria! But the most importantly I am happier and healthier.

While you may not be able to quit you job tomorrow, maybe there is something you can do today to make your day even the teensiest bit better.