August Bucket List

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal.”
-Paulo Coelho

I feel as though I am finally getting over this slump I’ve been in for the last while and what better way to continue this positive new outlook than to give myself a good old bucket list challenge to mix things up a bit. I admit none of the items on my list are particularly crazy, but my intent is really just to get myself out of my regular routine, and to have some fun before summer is over.

  1. Paddle board in the ocean
  2. Try a new type of athletic class
  3. Go to a farmers market
  4. Design new business cards and or branding for myself
  5. Pay it forward
  6. Volunteer somewhere
  7. Expand my vocabulary
  8. Have a blackout day: no computer, ipad, phone for an entire day
  9. Redesign/ and or make a new portfolio site
  10. Get rid of at least one box of stuff
  11. sell a piece of artwork or have it displayed in a show
  12. Try a new type of cuisine I’ve never had before
  13. Do something crazy with my hair…I’m thinking Ombre?
  14. Do something cultured like go to a museum
  15. Face a fear
  16. Pick a direction I want to take my life in
  17. Actually eat the recommended fruit/ veggie serving for a week
  18. Do my back exercises everyday for an entire month and reap the rewards
  19. Donate clothes I don’t need or wear anymore
  20. Learn how to do a new hair style (fishtail braids?)
  21. Make a zine
  22. Revamp some of my old jewelry
  23. Have a pamper day
  24. Learn household cleaning basics
  25. Learn how to use illustrator/ a new program or digital skill of some sort
  26. Regain my flexibility-be able to do the splits again
  27. Get to 100 followers on twitter
  28. Try a new recipe
  29. Do something spontaneous
  30. Master the cat eye look
  31. Become an early bird once and for all!

3 thoughts on “August Bucket List

    • I definitely think that is going to be one of the harder ones for me! And thank you! I feel like I need all the luck I can get to finish all of these in just one month.

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